Your Data

Data Protection

How and why we use the information you give us.

Choices are committed to providing you with the best possible service.

To do this we will need information about you and in some cases other people in your life.

To help you to understand how and why we use this information, as well as what your rights are in respect of the data we collect, we provide the following:

Privacy Notice

Choices’ aim as a domestic abuse service is to increase the safety and wellbeing of clients, their children, families and any others.

Our aim is to respect your decisions, inform you of choices that are available to you and support you in whatever choices you decide to make.

To provide continuous, bespoke support, we have a legitimate interest keeping a record of the information you give us, and that forms our legal basis for processing your personal data.

All information you provide about yourself, your life, family and others, will be stored securely, in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulations. This information will be archived for 8 years after your file is closed to ensure we have an accurate history of your case should you need our help again in future. Once this retention period has expired all personal data we hold on you will be erased.

Your information is stored on a secure database the use of which is shared between various Domestic Abuse Services in Kent, however access to all information will be restricted to you and those professionals working with you except in the following circumstances:

  • You provide consent for us to share information with another person or agency
  • Information sharing is necessary to protect you or another person from harm. In this event your file may be retained for up to 18 years after closure, if a risk to children is identified.

You may at any time request a copy of your file. This request may be made verbally, but should be confirmed in writing for your own records. We will comply as soon as possible within 30 days of your request.

Where you find or suspect that data we hold on you may be inaccurate, you have a right to request we correct it. You may request that we erase your data entirely. Such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, considering any risks to you or others that erasure may present.

If you move service or area, you may request that the personal data we hold on you transfers with you to your new provider.

The above is the adult's privacy notice. We have a second one for young people. You can view or download it here.

Data Protection Officer

Here are the details for our data protection officer. Any request to access your file or change the way we process your data can be made to him. However these requests can be made to any representative of Oasis. The decision is yours.

Name: Caroline Palmer

Telephone: 01843 269400

Address: Oasis, PO Box 174, Margate CT9 4GA