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Old Mail

Where possible we would discourage the use of traditional mail where possible as:

  • There is more that can go wrong;
  • It's slow;
  • It's bad for the environment.

However if you'd prefer, you can reach us at Choices, PO Box 174, Margate CT9 4GA.

Please note that we do not accept referrals via post. We accept scanned or photographed referrals via email. Our referral forms provide the correct email address for their return and you can download them here.


For all queries you can email us using the link below

If you are a professional seeking to refer to us or discuss a client, and have a CJSM compatible mailserver (e.g. you should send us encrypted emails to


Choices aims to provide high quality services to our service users and to any other agencies or individuals who we work with. This includes having a complaints procedure which is transparent and which is open to anyone who feels that quality services have not been delivered.

Choices will support any service user or third party who feels dissatisfied with the standard of the service and/or feels that Choices has not adhered to its existing policies. This procedure should be used to make a complaint which will be investigated without prejudice.

All complaints will be dealt with sensitively and in accordance with the Choices policy on Confidentiality.

If you wish to make a complaint, please email us at